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Given the current economic climate and likelihood of tightening funding, understanding the usage of e-resources is becoming increasingly important as it allows an institution to understand which resources they need to keep subscribing to, and those which they may wish to unsubscribe from - potentially resulting in real-world cost savings.

The RAPTOR project, funded by JISC, therefore built a software toolkit for reporting e-resource usage statistics in a user-friendly manner suitable for non-technical staff. It performed a requirements gathering exercise, talking to staff within the project institutions, a group of pilot institutions, interested parties, and via an open call for ideas.

The followup RAPTOR-JUse project aimed to take Raptor and a JISC-funded service - JUSP - and look at combining the two sets of data. It established a demonstrator site which was developed and enhanced through formal feedback from a group of tester institutions and more informal community feedback from workshop evaluation.