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Newcastle University Contributions

We have been using RAPTOR at Newcastle University for the past 6 months, this page will link to some of the outputs that have been produced as part of a JISC funded project RAPID

  • RAPTOR Screencast - This screencast demonstrates the use of RAPTOR to produce management information for authentications via EZ Proxy and the login gateway. It provides an overview of the main features, showing example graphs including the grouping of authentications by school and affiliation.
  • As part of the project we have produced a number of use case documents to discuss the use of RAPTOR to produce management information for;

*Shibboleth Use Case

*EZProxy Use Case

*Grouper Use Case

We will soon make available use case documents discussing using RAPTOR to produce information on application and IT Lab usage.

Config and Code Contributions

  • As part of the RAPID project we have been investigating the implementation of an event handler to produce management information in RAPTOR from our Grouper logs. Grouper is a group management toolkit which enables project managers, departments, institutions and end users to create and manage institutional and personal groups, roles, and permissions.

Grouper Log Event Handler