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Reporting Raptor Bugs / Requesting features

This project uses the ticketing feature of trac for both reporting bugs in software and requesting new features.

Any user of this trac (i.e. someone who has logged in through a SAML IdP) is able to open new tickets and comment on existing ones, but modifying tickets is reserved for developers only. Simply click on the "New Ticket" button at the top right hand corner of the website, and fill in the following main details:

  • Summary - Please provide a meaningful summary of the bug report / feature request
  • Description - Describe the bug or requested feature fully, with as many details as possible.
  • Type - Choose "defect" for bug reports, and "enhancement" for feature requests
  • Milestone - Leave blank
  • Version - If reporting a bug, please specify which version of the software you encountered the bug with
  • Component - Choose which component the bug/request is relevant for.
  • Priority - Rate the priority of the bug/request.


  • Reporter - If you wish to be notified about changes to your ticket through automated email, enter a valid email address here.

Finally, if logging in through federated means, your IdP can be configured to send the "email" attribute to this SP - its entity ID is - though it'll work fine without it.