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Release Notes

Raptor Web v1.0.0


First production release of Raptor Web, building on v0.2.0.


#3 #8 #66 #75 - (Common to all components) MSI installer now available.

#69 - (Common to all components) For ease of future upgrading, some config files have been split into system managed and user customisable config files.

#76 - (Common to all components) - Added programmatic enable/disable of features rather than commenting/uncommenting them out in the XML config files (arguably more intuitive to those new to XML).

#46 - A new common data model has been implemented to improve compatibility with other similar tools.

#18 - Webapp context now / by default

#19 - Basic database information displayed.

#38 - Display version info for MUA and Web.

#41 - Automatic refresh of SAML metadata.

#23 - Can now add post processors to custom graphs via web interface.

#63 - Working indication is now modal.


#31 - Numbers in dashboard tables now integers.

#64 - Handling of multiple users logged in with same account improved.

#68 - Resource classification now updates automatically.