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Note that this page refers to a currently unreleased version of Raptor!

Release Notes

RaptorWeb v1.3.0


The main feature for Raptor v1.3 is much better support for event aggregation, but also includes many various bug fixes and minor enhancements.

Note for those upgrading:

  • The usual guidance and caveats apply, see this page for help on managing updated files during upgrades.
  • If upgrading any of the components on Windows from v1.0.x:
    • Make sure you read for a specific note about what looks like an error - but isn't - that you will encounter.
    • Note that this upgrade with overwrite your ICA/MUA's event-release.xml (to support some new features). If you've customised these files in any way (i.e. if your ICA is sending events to a Raptor MUA on a different host), you will have to edit event-release.xml again to point to the correct server (your previous file will be available at event-release.xml.backup).


#192 - Better support for event release and aggregation of multiple event types