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Release Notes

Raptor Web v1.1.0


A few new features and some bug fixes to v1.0.1. This includes support for the Shibboleth SP log files and improved EZproxy support, improved efficiency of database interactions on the MUA, and some minor improvements to the web interface.

Note for those upgrading:

  • The usual guidance and caveats apply, see for help on managing updated files during upgrades.
  • To add a new feature to Raptor Web, we've had to update the web-core.xml file. This change will need to be manually merged into your web-core.xml file if you wish to make use of the new features. See the link above for guidance on how to do this.


#93 - Raptor now supports parsing Shibboleth SP log files (v2.4 and earlier)

#101 - Web interface backend improved to support multiple monitored systems

#104 - Modal working indicator more accurately shows that Raptorweb is working when generating graphs


#85 - Fixed ordering of Java options on linux initscripts

#92 - Fixed the problem of the graphs directory not managing itself appropriately.