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Release Notes

Raptor MUA v1.2.1


Note that v1.2.1 is the first public release of v1.2 - v1.2.0 was never made available.

New major features include support for OpenAthens LA as an IdP, FreeRADIUS as a Moonshot or eduroam IdP, and beta support for connecting to JUSP.

Note for those upgrading:

  • If upgrading from an older version than v1.1.0, make sure you read v1.1.0's release notes as there may be additional actions you are required to perform during upgrade. If upgrading from v1.1.0, there are not!


#57 - Includes support for FreeRADIUS as IdP (eduroam & moonshot)

#117 - Includes support for JUSP (kind of).

#132 - Now uses Jetty 8.1 instead of EOLed Jetty.

#142 - Locking of the database has been relaxed so problems of not being able to create graphs so mostly go away.

#164 - Oracle support for the backend database.

#170 - Log rolling for windows service wrapper log files

#174 - Includes support for OpenAthens LA as a SAML IdP

#181 - Log rolling for service logs on Linux


#59 - Fixed issues around length of index names. See this page for info on how to manually enable this fix.

#103 - Works on 32 and 64 bit windows.

#112 - Schema fixes and relevant doc updates for the database.

#141 - Fixed some bugs around time zone translation issues.

#151 - Removed nonsensical post-processor on a built-in graph statistic.

#168 - raptor-server and raptor-all packages now conflict on linux RPMs

#171 - Increased max size of released attribute list in shibidpauthenticationevents.

#183 - MUA doesn't get stuck if multiple entries for the same resource exist in the resource_metadata table