Last modified 8 years ago Last modified on 09/21/11 14:33:15

Release Notes

Raptor ICA v0.2.0

Important Considerations

When upgrading the ICA, a change has been made to the event-parse.xml file which is not backwards compatible, and therefore the installer will overwrite your version of the file. This means you will have to reconfigure this file yourself to point to the log files that you wish the ICA to monitor. See the "Configuring the ICA to monitor Authentication systems" section of for guidance on how to do this.


Next minor release of Raptor ICA fixing a few minor bugs.



#27 Fixed log file rolling.

#30 Stop logging duplicated Events WARN in the log files

#51 Stop sending 0 events when evaluating the EntryNoElapsedTimePushPolicy policy. Fixed.

#15 Logging is now more consistent and informative on the ICA.