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NOTE: This version has not yet been released!

Release Notes

Raptor ICA v1.0.0


First production release of Raptor ICA, building on v0.2.0.

Note for those upgrading on linux: Your existing event-parse.xml will be saved as event-parse.xml.rpmsave, and a new event-parse.xml, event-parse-formats-custom.xml, and event-parse-formats-system.xml will take its place. If you haven't customised event-parse.xml from its default (by changing the type of system to monitor from a Shib 2 IdP, or the location of the Shib 2 IdP log file), then the new version should just work for you. If you have, you will have to manually merge your changes to the new event-parse.xml. This is due to enhancement #69 (see below).


#3 #8 #66 #75 - (Common to all components) MSI installer now available.

#69 - (Common to all components) For ease of future upgrading, some config files have been split into system managed and user customisable config files.

#76 - (Common to all components) - Added programmatic enable/disable of features rather than commenting/uncommenting them out in the XML config files (arguably more intuitive to those new to XML)

#44 - A new common data model has been implemented to improve compatibility with other similar tools