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Release Notes

Raptor ICA v1.2.1


Note that v1.2.1 is the first public release of v1.2 - v1.2.0 was never made available.

New major features include support for OpenAthens LA as an IdP, FreeRADIUS as a Moonshot or eduroam IdP, and beta support for connecting to JUSP.

Note for those upgrading:

  • The usual guidance and caveats apply, see for help on managing updated files during upgrades.
  • If upgrading any of the components on Windows from v1.0.x to v1.2.1, see this page for a specific note about what looks like an error - but isn't - that you will encounter.
  • If upgrading the Raptor ICA or MUA components on Windows from v1.0.x to v1.2.1, then it is very important to note that this upgrade with overwrite your ICA/MUA's event-release.xml (this is required to support some new features). If you've customised these files in any way (i.e. if your ICA is sending events to a Raptor MUA on a different host), you will have to edit event-release.xml again to point to the correct server. Your previous file will be available at event-release.xml.backup if you need to see what changes you previously made.


#57 - Includes support for FreeRADIUS as IdP (eduroam & moonshot)

#98 - Can lowercase values when parsing them.

#117 - Includes support for JUSP (kind of).

#132 - Now uses Jetty 8.1 instead of EOLed Jetty 6.1

#174 - Includes support for OpenAthens LA as a SAML IdP

#170 - Log rolling for windows service wrapper log files

#181 - Log rolling for linux service logs (and FreeRADIUS Moonshot/eduroam logs)


#103 - Works on 32 and 64 bit windows.

#168 - raptor-server and raptor-all packages now conflict on linux RPMs

#179 - Fixed reference to spring-beans.xml that stops ICA from starting.