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Release Notes

Raptor ICA v1.1.0


A few new features and some bug fixes to v1.0.1. This includes new support for the Shibboleth SP log files and improved EZproxy support, improved efficiency of database interactions on the MUA, and some minor improvements to the web interface.

Note for those upgrading:

  • For those monitoring EZproxy - there is an updated EZproxy parsing configuration in this release, but your existing configuration will not be overwritten. To use the improved configuration you will need to manually merge the new EZproxy configuration (the bean with id of "ezproxyLFP" from the ICA's event-parse.xml.rpmnew (linux) or dist/event-parse.xml (windows) into your conf/event-parse.xml file.


#93 - Raptor now supports parsing Shibboleth SP log files (v2.4 and earlier)


#85 - Fixed ordering of Java options on linux initscripts

#99 - Parsing of EZproxy log files has been improved, now catches some authentications it may have previously missed