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    11== Considerations around upgrading Raptor on Windows == 
    3 Intro  
     3Upgrading Raptor on windows should be a relatively painless procedure. 
    5 === Unmodified config files === 
     5[ This page] shows the list of files installed by the various Raptor components: 
     6* the files that are "system" files (the ones in bold on that page) are likely to be overwritten on upgrade. When upgrading, the MSI will copy your original file to $filename.xml.backup before overwriting your version. 
     7* the files that are "your" files (the ones not in bold) are never going to be overwritten unless otherwise specified on the release notes for a particular veresion. If there is a newer version of the file available, you can get a copy from the "dist" directory (see below). 
     9In either case, see below for recommendations on how to proceed. 
     11=== The {{{conf/dist}}} direcotry === 
     13On windows, in the {{{conf/dist}}} directory you can always get access to the unmodified versions of every configuration file that shipped with the version of the Raptor component(s) that you have installed. Thus, you can always used those as a base from which to customise files from. 
     16=== Merging .xml.backup files === 
     18When you encounter a .xml.backup file, it usually means that the default version of the file has been updated, and the installer has overwritten your version of the file - but your modified version of the old version of the file has been saved as the .xml.backup file for your reference. 
     20The best way to deal with this is to examine the changes you've made in your .xml.backup file, and re-make the changes in the new version of the file.