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Using to a real database

The default install of the Raptor MUA ships with a built-in pseudo database that will work well for test environments or production environments with small amounts of data, but for real production environments with larger amounts of data, it is HIGHLY recommended to switch to a real database. This will improve performance in a major way.

Switching to a real database is relatively easy. To do this, you need to:

  1. Install and configure a real database (either on the same server or a different server)
  2. Configure the Raptor MUA to use the database.

Each of these steps are detailed below.

Installing and Configuring a database

  1. Choose a database and install it using the relevant instructions
    1. For example, postgres, on linux - yum install postgres. Windows installer.
  1. Set up the Raptor schema in the database.
    1. DB schema is:
  1. Set up users.
    1. Add a user "raptor" with a password of your choosing, with rights to do everything to that db.

Configuring the Raptor MUA to use the database

  1. Edit the file X.