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Post-processors allow you to alter the way information is to be displayed between its retrieval from the Raptor MUA and display in Raptor Web. This can be used to do things such as sort results, etc. This page contains a complete list of current post-processors available in Raptor.

It is important to note that you can apply multiple post-processors. When you do have more than one, they act in a sequential fashion - so the order you add them in is important.

Remove Rows from Result

This allows you to select how many "rows" you would like to retain. For example, if your search returned 30 departments (i.e. you grouped by, then choosing 10 would chop off the remaining 30.

This post-processor works by retaining the first N rows (where you choose N) using the order given to it. So if you want the top N according to value (e.g. the top 10 users, you would first need to apply the Sort Y-Axis by Value post-processor) then apply this post-processor.

Y-Value as percentage

Sort X-Axis Alphabetically

Sort Y-Axis by Value

Format EntityIDs with SAML Org Name