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Graphing Guides

Example - Comparison of school usage per resource

This example compares the use of eResources between the school CLAWS and all other schools.

  • Select the 'Number of authentications per school' statistic

  • Alter the statistic options by:
    • Removing series 1 (note series start at 0, so remove series 1).

  • Making sure the Parameters: Group by Field has resourceId selected.

  • Make sure the first series represents all schools (it should already be set to this)

  • Add a new series to the current series

  • Change the new of the new series e.g. to 'Number of authentications for CLAWS'
  • Add a filter to the series

  • Select the Field as '' and Operator as 'EQUAL' and Value 'CLAWS'

  • Select the start and end times you want the statistic to be computed over.

  • Click the update button, the graph should be displayed at the bottom of the page.
    • A tabular view is also available, and the report can be downloaded as a PDF in the 'Download' tab.

The constructed graph shows the number of authentications to all eResources for ALL schools, and for just CLAWS. The graph and or table could then be analysed to compare the usage of particular eResources.