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Raptor Quick Install

The quick setup of Raptor, co-located with the service to monitor, involves:

  1. Installing all Raptor Server components

0. Prerequisites

0.1 Software

The only thing needed on a server hosting any of the raptor components is a Java 1.6 JRE. If using the linux packages, the RPMs should install a suitable JRE for you.

0.2 Hardware

To run all packages, you need 1G of RAM free and at least 100MB free disk space to install (and more like a few gig for log files and the database).

1. Installing

1.1 Installing all Raptor Components

The first step is to install all Raptor packages on a single server as a single package:

2. Configuring

2.1 Configuring each component

Note that future versions of the Raptor installer will do most of this for you - but for now there are some manual configuration steps that you must perform.

Follow these instructions:

  1. Configure the ICA.
  2. Configure the MUA.
  3. Configure RaptorWeb.

2.2 Configuration components to communiciate

As you are using the combined -all package, this has already been done automatically.

2.3 Firewalls

  • The ICA listens on port :8110 - but currently nothing interacts with it (it sends information only) so this port can be left closed.
  • The MUA listens on port :8111. This can stay closed, however, as all communication occurs locally.
  • RaptorWeb listens on port :8112. This needs to be opened to all machines that you wish to be able to interact with the web interface.

3. Start all daemons/services

Now that the each component is installed and configured, they are ready to start. This will usually involve the following:

  • On Linux (as root):
    # service raptormuad start
    # service raptorwebd start
    # service raptoricad start
  • On Windows
    • Open the Services window and start the Raptor-ICA service.

4. Enjoy!

The raptor web interface should now be available on the server that you installed RaptorWeb onto. For example, if you installed it to, you would open a web browser and navigate to

For more information on what to do next and how to use Raptor, check out the user's guide.

If you encounter any problems, check out the Raptor Support pages.