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    11= Installing the Raptor ICA on Windows = 
    3 Coming soon... A windows MSI installer package and associated instructions. 
     3All Raptor components are made available on linux as Windows Installer (.msi) files, allowing easy installs and upgrades. These MSIs are made available at the following location: 
     5== 1. MSI Installation Instructions == 
     7The MSI repository can be found at Each MSI file has a corresponding GPG signature, signed with the private key of Rhys Smith. 
     9=== 1.1 Run the MSI 
     11Download the file for this Raptor component, and double click (as Administrator) to run the MSI. 
     15Simply click through the MSI installer, choosing where to install Raptor, until you are asked for configuration details. 
     17=== 1.2. Configuration through the MSI === 
     19The Raptor Windows Installers perform a certain amount of configuration automatically for you, based on your answers to questions during the install process. 
     21==== 1.2.1 Configuring Metadata ==== 
     23You will be asked to provide the following information: 
     25* EntityID - This uniquely identifies your instance of a Raptor ICA, and should follow the suggested format of !https://YOURSERVERNAME/raptor-ica. 
     26 * ''e.g. !'' 
     27* Organisation Name - This identifies the organisation that owns the service that you are monitoring. 
     28 * ''e.g. Example University'' 
     29* Service Name - This identifies the name of the service itself that you are monitoring. 
     30 * ''e.g. Shibboleth IdP'' 
     31* Contact Email - An email address for someone responsible for this Raptor component's upkeep. 
     32 * ''e.g. !'' 
     36=== 1.3. Finally === 
     38When the installation options have been chosen and the configuration has been modified appropriately, hit Install and away it goes. 
     43== 2. Installation Details == 
     45The MSI will: 
     46 1. Install the Raptor ICA into the default (but overridable) location of {{{C:\Program Files\Raptor\ICA}}} 
     47 1. Set up its SSL keystone (in {{{Raptor\ICA\keys}}}) 
     48 1. Installing a Windows Service on the machine ({{{raptorica}}} which is set to start automatically on server boot. The service will be running a web service (using embedded jetty) listening on port :8110. 
     51The installed program will have installed the following file structure: 
     53* {{{C:\Program Files\Raptor}}} 
     54 * {{{C:\Program Files\Raptor\ICA}}} 
     55  * {{{C:\Program Files\Raptor\ICA\raptor-ica.jar}}} - The main Raptor ICA classfile 
     56  * {{{C:\Program Files\Raptor\ICA\conf\}}} - Contains all configuration files for the Raptor ICA 
     57  * {{{C:\Program Files\Raptor\ICA\lib\}}} - Contains all libraries used by the Raptor ICA 
     58  * {{{C:\Program Files\Raptor\ICA\keys\}}} - Contains the Raptor ICA's keystore and truststore 
     59  * {{{C:\Program Files\Raptor\ICA\logs\}}} - Contains the Raptor ICA's log files 
     61See [Software/Configuration/Files this wiki page] for a complete listing of files along with a description of what they do.