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How To: Configure an ICA and an MUA to communicate

For an ICA and an MUA to communicate two things need to be exchanged between them:

  1. Metadata for each (e.g. web service URLs) (see Section 1)
  2. Public key information for each (see Section 2.)

1. Swapping Metadata

2. Swapping Keys

When the ICA and MUA are installed, a PEM encoded version of their public keys are saved in their home directory's keys information as ica-?.crt and mua-?.crt respectively (see this wiki page for further information.

Swapping keys involves the following process:

  1. In the ICA's truststore (ica/conf/authorised-keys.jks, import the MUA's public key.
    # keytool 
  2. In the MUA's truststore (mua/conf/authorised-keys.jks, import the ICA's public key.