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Configuring the ICA

Configuring ICA Information

Open the ICA's conf/metadata.xml file for editing. The following properties should be changed in the "ICAMetadata" bean:

  • organisationName - Set this to the name of your organisation
    • e.g. "Cardiff University"
  • contactEmail - Set this to the email address of a person responsible for the ICA
    • e.g. ""
  • serviceName - A human readable name for the service the ICA is monitoring
    • e.g. "Cardiff University Shibboleth IdP"
  • entityid - A unique entityId for the server, composed as https://HOSTNAME_OF_SERVER/raptor-ica
    • e.g. ""

Configuring the ICA the monitor Authentication Systems

If you wish to monitor a Shibboleth 2 IdP, and you installed it to the default location (/opt/shibboleth-idp on Linux, C:\Program Files\shibboleth-idp on Windows), and you have not altered its logging configuration, then you have nothing to do - the default configuration that ships with the ICA covers this scenario.

If you wish to monitor a different system, or you changed the Shibboleth 2 IdP installation parameters (e.g. installed it to a different directory), then see the "Configuring the ICA to Monitor Authentication Systems" section of this page and follow the instructions provided.