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Configuring the ICA

1. Configuring ICA Information

Open the ICA's conf/metadata.xml file for editing. The following properties should be changed in the "ICAMetadata" bean:

  • organisationName - Set this to the name of your organisation
    • e.g. "Cardiff University"
  • contactEmail - Set this to the email address of a person responsible for the ICA
    • e.g. ""
  • serviceName - A human readable name for the service the ICA is monitoring
    • e.g. "Shibboleth IdP"
  • entityid - A unique entityId for the server, composed as https://FULLY_QUALIFIED_HOSTNAME_OF_SERVER/raptor-ica
    • e.g. ""

2. Configuring the ICA the monitor a Service

If you wish to monitor a Shibboleth 2 IdP, and you installed it to the default location (/opt/shibboleth-idp on Linux, C:\Program Files\shibboleth-idp on Windows), and you have not altered its logging configuration, then you have nothing to do - the default configuration that ships with the ICA covers this scenario.

If you wish to monitor a different system, or you changed the Shibboleth 2 IdP installation parameters (e.g. installed it to a different directory), then see the "Configuring the ICA to Monitor Authentication Systems" section of this page and follow the instructions provided.

3. Restart the ICA

If your ICA has already been started, its daemon/service will need restarting to pick up these changes.