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Raptor ICA File Listing

Within the Raptor ICA's home directory (/opt/raptor/ica on linux, C:\Program Files\Raptor\ICA on Window)s are the following files:

  • raptor-ica.jar - The main Raptor ICA classfile
  • conf - Contains all configuration files for the Raptor ICA
    • conf/ica-core.xml - The core ICA springbean configuration file. Do not edit!
    • conf/logging.xml - Configures logging for the ICA. Change level within to DEBUG to generate more detailed logging.
  • lib/ - Contains all libraries used by the Raptor ICA
    • {{{lib/*.jar} - Many java library files
  • keys - Contains the Raptor ICA's keystore and truststore
    • keys/raptor-ica.jks - Contains the Raptor ICA's public and private keys used for secure communication.
    • /opt/raptor/keys/raptor-ica-public.crt - The PEM encoded version of the ICA's public key extracted from raptor-ica.jks
    • /opt/raptor/keys/authorised-keys.jks - Contains the public keys of every MUA the ICA is authorised to communicate with
  • /opt/raptor/logs - Contains the Raptor ICA's log files
  • /opt/raptor/logs/ica-process.log - The main log file for the ICA.